NCBA Legislative Agenda

Legislative Agenda

Since June 24, 2006

The "Legislative Agenda" for NCBA was "Tentatively" announced at a EC meeting on June 24, 2006. The "Legislative Agenda" for NCBA will be in a continuous state of "review and revision".

If you have comments, thoughts, ideas, suggestions about what is or should be listed on our "Legislative Agenda", send your comments HERE!  

| 4.23.2012 |

Legislative Agenda

NCBA Directive

We solicit requests from YOU, our members, to submit your thoughts on what should be considered for our legislative agenda. We continue to solicit your comments and input about these, or other issues.

NOTE: The items listed below have been approved for our Legislative Agenda. This is the list of issues based upon YOUR input. (*NOTE: ALL items are subject to discussion and revision as time and circumstances change.) NCBA Executive Council members will continue to review any further comments from YOU, the NCBA membership. Any issues that cannot be fully agreed upon will remain on the "tentative" list for further and future discussion.

It is the Legislative Chairman, Committee, and all EC Officers duty to represent NCBA with this list, as approved by the majority of the NCBA Executive Council.

We Oppose: NCBA Constitution & Bylaws sets forth our position on these two issues.

1-OPPOSE legalization of Crossbows and string-locking devices or any apparatus that will HOLD a bow at partial or full draw, during any Archery Only deer seasons, except for truly legitimate handicapped, physically challenged hunters.

2- OPPOSE legalization of the POD, or any Poison-Type Arrow.

We Recommend, Support or Oppose:

3- RECOMMEND and SUPPORT establishing a uniform schedule for opening dates of firearms deer seasons. In order to preserve,
protect and proliferate the quality of our buck population, and the quality of deer hunting itself, firearms seasons (including muzzle
loaders), deer firearms seasons should not open earlier than the second Saturday in November in and west of Granville, Durham,
Chatham, Lee Moore, Montgomery Stanly and Anson counties; and, not earlier than the third Saturday in October in counties in
and east of Vance, Franklin, Wake, Harnett, Hoke and Richmond. (Exception being the existing one week October muzzle loader
season in the Western Deer Season.) We have no opposition to extending deer firearms seasons later into the winter months

4- RECOMMEND and SUPPORT an “Earn-A-Buck” program that will encourage and require hunters to harvest more doe
deer. Hunters should be educated and informed of the benefits to the deer population in general and quality of the buck
population in particular, of such a program. This should only be adopted after a verifiable hard tagging system has been created
and implemented. The current “call-in” system is simply too easy to circumvent and defeat, rendering it especially ineffective in
managing and controlling valid deer harvest records. (1/17/2010)

5- RECOMMEND and SUPPORT the adoption of a “Quality Deer Management Program.” We favor adopting a regulation that
would place antler restrictions based upon “Greatest Antler Width”. Antlers must appear to be at least as wide as the outside “ear-
to-ear” spread. Hunters would be allowed to harvest ONE buck each year that did not meet this minimum requirement. Minimum
“points” per side is not desirable because: (1) It can be difficult or impossible to count points under varying light and other
hunting conditions; (2) Many immature “yearling” bucks can have 3 or 4 points on one side. Antler spread is the best indicator of
the age of a buck and can better be determined under most hunting conditions. (1/17/2010)

6- SUPPORT (and Recommend) that the NCWRC create a “Wildlife Anti-Poacher” program. Many other state wildlife agencies
have created and support monetarily their own “Anti-Poacher” and “Operation Game Thief” type programs. (This program has
grown to the proportions that it will be only a matter of time before NCBA can no longer afford to support it.)

7- SUPPORT establishment of an archery season for black bear in N.C. to run concurrent with archery deer season; or, allow
“Incidental Opportunity” harvest of ONE black bear by bowhunters during any archery season.

8- SUPPORT a “Post-Season” bowhunting season for whitetail deer, especially does, in all sections of the state to help better control
and manage deer populations; and to help achieve a lower “buck to doe” ratio in the whitetail deer population.

9- WE ENCOURAGE better deer management on gamelands in the Western area of the state (District 9). Our members there
suggest establishment of a 2 DEER limit, one of which must be a “Trophy” buck. Antler restrictions should be implemented to
define “Trophy Buck” qualifications. (See No. 5 above.)

10- SUPPORT creation of “Hunter Recognition Program” similar to WRC’s “Angler Recognition Program” to recognize hunter
successes. (NOTE: NCBA already has a statewide network of official measurers willing to assist with this program. Also,
most WRC biologists are already B&C and P&Y certified.)

11- SUPPORT legislation or WRC programs designed to help recruit more youths, women and hunters of all ages into the sport
of hunting, and bowhunting in particular.

12- SUPPORT the implementation of a “Draw “System” for all “Draw Hunts”, with “Preference Points” given to unsuccessful
applicants each year. This will assure that everyone who applies for “Draw Hunts” will be drawn for the hunt in a fair and
equitable manner.

| Rev: 12.13.2011 |

Legislative Agenda

Approved Agenda Items

Support allowing bowhunting for Turkey statewide on "Archery Only Areas" without special permit.This proposal was approved in 2006

Support changing regulation to allow bowhunting during Muzzle-Loader season on Private Properties. (*Surveys indicate that 81.8% of you want this changed.)This proposal was approved 3/7/2007

Support reducing bow poundage for traditional bows (Recurves, Longbows, Self-Bows) from 45 pounds to 40 pounds draw weight.This proposal was approved 3/7/2007. (*NOTE: Bow poundage for compound bows was previously reduced from 45 to 35 pounds in 2002 per a NCBA proposal.)

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