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Becoming a Bowhunter in NC

Learn the fundamentals of bowhunting

In 2013, the NCBA began the "Becoming a Bowhunter in NC" (BAB) program..

The intent of the BAB program is to organize and staff a bowhunter education program that will accept any individual with the desire to learn how to hunt with a bow and arrow. They will not only learn how to shoot and hunt, but also to understand our commitment to wildlife conservation, archery safety, and our legacy and history of Bowhunting. To further ensure their lifetime commitment and participation, the program concludes with a guided hunt on private or public lands.

The eventual goal of the program is to work in conjunction with the “NCBA Land Acquisition Fund”. The LAF, which was initiated in 2004, accepts donations to secure land for the use of the NCBA as an investment in the future of Bowhunting for youths and adults in North Carolina.

One of the primary goals of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is to recruit and retain more people into the sport of hunting. We think a program such as this will assist them in achieving this goal as well as helping the sport of Bowhunting grow at the same time.

The program is organized into three progressive levels:

Level I- Introduction to Archery

One of the key objectives of Level I-BAB is to acquaint and indoctrinate the beginner, who has limited knowledge of archery equipment, or a senior compounder but wants to learn to shoot traditional (recurve or longbow) experience. This is accomplished by pairing you up with a NCBA member in your area as a mentor. You mentor will work with you

Level II- Bowhunter Education and 3D Field Training

An archery student entering Level II of NCBA’s Becoming a Bowhunter program must have successfully completed all classes in Level I of the program, or if the student has had some experience in shooting a bow and arrow and wants to learn how to hunt with a bow, he or she must take and pass the written Level I Equivalency test to enter Level II.

Level II is specifically aimed at teaching the (IBEP) Bowhunter Education Course, archery hunting skills, wildlife habitat and conservation, plus wildlife management – all critical to today’s bowhunter.

Successful completion of Level II includes the National Bowhunter Education Foundation and North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commissions Today’s Bowhunter Course.

Level III- Big Game Hunting

Level III is the final phase of the NCBA’s “Becoming a Bowhunter” Program. This is when everything the student / participant has learned will be integrated and applied.

Level III hunts are conducted on public and private lands under hunter agreements or with written permission between the NCBA or the hunter (participant). Our annual Butner hunts based from the NCBA Campground is one of the core opportunities that we provide.

If you would like to learn more about the details of this program, please click the read more link below for the full article. The NCBA is dedicated to encouraging all individuals to enjoy the sport of bowhunting.

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