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NCBA Mission Statement

Preserving and Promoting Bowhunting

To ensure bowhunting for future generations by preserving and promoting its heritage, tradition, history and values..


  • To increase the awareness and appreciation of the heritage, tradition and history of bowhunting.
  • To remain financially secure, stable and independent through aggressive and continuous membership recruitment, fundraising and other methods of generating revenue.
  • To make the public aware of NCBA's position on ethics, sportsmanship and bowhunting.
  • To encourage and perpetuate the sport of bowhunting for all legal game.
  • To cooperate with and support federal and state agencies, sportsmen's associations, and conservation organizations, and the professional biologists, which are insuring the propagation and preservation of game and its natural habitat.
  • To maintain the accepted status and definition of bowhunting and bowhunting equipment as defined by the Pope & Young Club.
  • To protect, improve and increase the opportunities for hunting with the hand held, hand drawn bow.
  • For the NCBA to be recognized as the spokesman for bowhunting - politically and socially in North Carolina.
  • To have a membership that supports and promotes the NCBA's principles, programs, and its Constitution and Bylaws.
  • To maintain scientific records keeping program of big and small game animals and fish of North Carolina harvested with bow and arrow while obeying all local, state and federal laws, and NCBA and P&Y "Rules of Fair Chase".
  • To encourage and conduct educational programs designed to familiarize the public and the bowhunting archer with the safe and ethical use of the bow for hunting, and bowhunting as an effective method of hunting legal game.
  • To have effective Youth Education and Conservation programs.
  • To encourage, above all, adherence to a high standard of sportsmanship and ethics, and to foster unity and perpetuate the spirit of good fellowship among bowhunters.

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