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Note: New members must also print, fill out and mail-in the Membership Form

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If you do not wish to pay online above, you may also fill out the Membership Form online, print and mail the form and payment to:

NCBA Memberships

7796 NC Hwy. 68 N

Stokesdale, NC 27357

Note: The second page needs only be submitted with a lifetime membership application, and not with annual membership applications.

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Lifetime Membership

Would you like to become a "Lifetime Member" of the NCBA?

The North Carolina Bowhunter's Association instituted the "Lifetime Membership" program in 1987.   Past President Dennis Allman was instrumental in the formation of the program.

Lifetime Memberships come in three separate classes:     "Honorary" ;    "Service" ;   and  "Regular". 

"Honorary"  Lifetime memberships may be awarded to anyone who has made a significant contribution to the sport of  bowhunting in North Carolina.   Written nominations must be made to the NCBA Executive Council no later than December 15th each year in order to be considered for the current year.

"Service"  Lifetime memberships are awarded to NCBA members who have served in a elected position on the NCBA Executive Council for four years.   Special consideration may be given to other associate council members who have served the association in a capacity that requires continued work and dedication to the association.

"Regular"  Lifetime memberships may be purchased for $450.00.  This price is effective as of January 1, 2011.  The membership may be paid for in three equal quarterly payments.  The NCBA secretary,  JR Stone,  handles new "Regular" Lifetime Membership applications.

NOTE:  Life Membership Applications should be mailed directly to:

JR Stone

720 Harold Dr.

Durham, NC  27712

Email the NCBA Treasurer with any questions pertaining to NCBA Life Memberships.

NOTE:   NCBA "Lifetime" Memberships,  like all NCBA memberships,  are subject to approval by the Executive Council before being executed by the Secretary.  (Bylaws Article III-C-4 & 6)

All new NCBA "Lifetime" members are given special recognition at the Annual NCBA Awards Banquet each year and presented with a "plaque".

Click Lifetime Membership List to view the most current list.

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